GE Invests in Cold-Chain and Mfg Software

GE Healthcare has invested in cold-chain technology and automated manufacturing software through its acquisition of Asymptote, a Cambridge, UK-based company that specializes in cryochain technology for sensitive cellular therapies, and equity investment in Zenith Technologies, a Cork, Ireland-based technology company delivering manufacturing software systems.

The acquisition of Asymptote includes an integrated suite of cryochain hardware, software, and consumables designed to maintain the potency of cellular therapies by enabling ultra-low temperature freezing during production through to thawing at the clinic prior to patient administration. Asymptote’s proprietary VIA Freeze range delivers liquid nitrogen-free cryopreservation, and its VIA Thaw series, soon to be released, thaws deeply frozen cells by a dry conduction process. In addition, the company’s my.Cryochain software platform synchronizes with the VIA Freeze and VIA Thaw products to standardize freezing and thawing programs across multiple sites. The acquisition of Asymptote fills a gap in GE Healthcare’s end-to-end offering of products and services for cell therapy production.

With Zenith Technologies, which specializes in full lifecycle automation, manufacturing, and operational support solutions, GE Healthcare  completed a strategic minority investment in the company, which enhances the existing partnership between the two companies. The investment increases the automation capability in GE’s new product development.

Source: GE Healthcare and Zenith Technologies 

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