Glenmark Partners in Soft-Gels

Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, a Mumbai, India-headquartered pharmaceutical company, has entered into a development, license, manufacture, and commercial supply agreement with Cyndea Pharma,, a company specializing in the development and manufacturing of women’s healthcare and niche products, including soft-gels, which grants Glenmark exclusive rights to use Cyndea’s technology for developing generic, soft-gelatin capsule formulations of certain pharmaceutical products.

Under this agreement, Glenmark receives exclusive rights to the US and Canada markets for these soft-gelatin formulations in exchange for sharing development costs and profits from future sales. In addition, the agreement provides for the companies to add further soft-gelatin product candidates for development and commercialization as new branded, soft-gelatin, capsule-based drug products become available in the marketplace.

Glenmark has 17 manufacturing facilities across five countries and six research and development centers.

Source: Glenmark Pharmaceuticals

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