Goodwin Biotechnology, Aspyrian Therapeutics in ADC Pact

Goodwin Biotechnology, Inc. has formed an agreement with Asypyrian Therapeutics for the technology transfer, process development, scale-up, and cGMP manufacturing of an antibody drug conjugate (ADC) for Phase I clinical trials.

Asypyrian Therapeutics has secured an exclusive license from the National Cancer Institute for a new ADC technology platform, near-infrared photoimmunotherapy (PIT), which permits selective ablation of tumor cell while sparing damage to critical structures adjacent to the tumor. Because the payload in this type of ADC is inert until it is in the tumor and activated by near infrared (NIR) light, it overcomes the dose-limiting adverse effects that have hindered the development of conventional toxin-loaded ADC systems.

Source: Goodwin Biotechnology

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