GSK To Locate US HQ for Consumer Healthcare in Warren, NJ

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) reports that GSK Consumer Healthcare will locate its new US headquarters in Warren, New Jersey.This location will be home to GSK's new Consumer Healthcare joint venture, which was established in March 2015 following closure of the three-part transaction with Novartis. GSK Consumer Healthcare announced earlier this year that its existing sites in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and two offices in Parsippany, New Jersey would be consolidated into one new location. Employees will begin to transition into the new location in March 2016.

The new location will house a cross-functional mix of employees, including marketing and sales, research and development, and supply chain teams. The new headquarters will include a shopper science lab that is modeled after GSK's shopper lab at its global headquarters in the UK. This lab will use shopper insight tools and technologies to understand how and why shoppers make decisions and what influences their choices.

The Warren, New Jersey office space is Gold LEED-certified, and the office space will be an open plan design, which is consistent with other GSK facilities, to foster better communication and idea sharing.

Source: GlaxoSmithKline (US)

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