Halo Pharma Forms Center of Excellence for Pediatric Dosage Forms

Halo Pharmaceutical, a contract development and manufacturing organization, has formed a Pediatric Center of Excellence in support of the development and manufacture of dosage forms tailored for pediatric indications.

Halo Pharma has developed the infrastructure, process trains, and equipment needed for production of small- to medium-scale cGMP clinical drug products that are used in pediatric clinical studies. The company has already partnered with several pharmaceutical companies in developing pediatric dosage forms (PDFs) that have received US and international regulatory approvals. The company currently has multiple clinical and commercial PDF programs underway.

Generally, developing a PDF from an adult dosage form requires additional product development work to provide the PDF in various strengths matched to different pediatric age/weight brackets. Halo Pharma has the capabilities to manufacture batches of PDFs that typically range in scale from 5 kg to 1,000 kg.

Source: Halo Pharmaceutical

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