Horizon Discovery in Biomfg Pact

Horizon Discovery Group, a Cambridge, UK-headquartered gene-editing technology company, has signed a non-exclusive out-licensing agreement with an undisclosed US-based immuno-oncology therapeutics developer, for Horizon’s proprietary technologies to support the development and manufacture of a biomanufacturing cell line for commercial use.

Under the agreement, Horizon has licensed to the partner a cell-line engineering technology as well as non-exclusive rights to Horizon’s proprietary Helitron transposon gene-editing technology for an undisclosed financial consideration.

The cell-line engineering technology is planned to be used to modify a current Horizon biomanufacturing cell line to generate an intermediate, which can be further modified through the application of Horizon’s proprietary Helitron transposon gene-editing technology to introduce specific changes, such as the integration of antibody sequences. The intermediate cell line is expected to enable development of a range of cell lines designed to produce specific antibodies.

Horizon retains commercial rights to the improved cell line and Helitron transposon technology and will seek additional third-party license agreements for these technologies and others under development.

Source: Horizon Discovery Group

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