Horizon Pharma To Acquire Crealta in Specialty Pharm Deal

The specialty pharmaceutical company, Horizon Pharma has agreed to acquire the specialty pharmaceutical company, Crealta Holdings LLC, for $510 million in cash.

Crealta has two marketed medicines, Krystexxa (pegloticase), PEGylated uric acid specific enzyme indicated for the treatment of chronic gout in adult patients refractory to conventional therapy, and Migergot (caffeine and ergotamine tartrate), a migraine treatment.

In other news, Horizon has completed its previously announced acquisition of Hyperion Therapeutics, Inc. With the acquisition, Horizon gains two products, Ravicti and Buphenyl, two drugs for treating urea cycle disorders (UCDs), a collection of inherited metabolic disorders, which impact more than 2,000 people in the United States, of which only half are diagnosed. A marketing authorization application has been filed for European marketing of Ravicti. Net sales of Ravicti and Buphenyl for full year 2014 and first quarter 2015 were $113.6 million and $31.2 million, respectively.

Source: Horizon Pharma (Crealta) and Horizon Pharma (Hyperion Therapeutics)

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