Irvine Scientific Ups Media Capacity

Irvine Scientific, a developer and manufacturer of cell-culture media, is expanding its manufacturing facility in Santa Ana, California to increase overall dry-powder production capacity.

The expansion was multi-step and included: more space dedicated to its animal-component-free (ACF) dry-powder production area; additional impact milling capacity; the addition of a large-scale, pharmaceutical grade blender; and higher throughput cleaning capacity of the ACF dry-powder portion of the facility. As one of its fundamental business offerings, Irvine Scientific performs large-scale cGMP manufacturing of dry-powder media for the biopharmaceutical, vaccine, and cell-therapy industries. The expansion provides tumble blending capacity of 12,000-liter total dry volume. This additional capacity enables the company to provide homogeneous powder media in single production batch sizes of up to 7,000 kg.

The new large-scale blender is based on the same tumble-blending technology Irvine Scientific currently uses. The enhanced cleaning capacity is performed using a closed-loop, wash-in-place system that is made to minimize the risk of environmental or carry-over contamination between batches.

Source: Irvine Scientific


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