J&J To Host Sterility Assurance Conference in 2016

Johnson & Johnson is bringing back the Kilmer Conference on sterility assurance and sterilization, with the next conference set for May 2016. Johnson & Johnson hosted eight Kilmer Conferences between 1976-2003 for invited sterility assurance professionals from industry, academia, and regulatory authorities. To mark the conference's revival, Johnson & Johnson will donate the conference proceedings from all past Kilmer Conferences to the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). The proceedings from those conferences contain the history and rationale for many of the current AAMI sterilization standards in use today. The conference proceedings will be available in a searchable “e-book” format on the AAMI website.

Kilmer Conferences take their name from Fred Kilmer, who was a pioneer in the pharmaceutical industry and director of Johnson & Johnson's scientific laboratory from 1889-1934. The Company's Kilmer Museum, located at Johnson & Johnson headquarters in New Brunswick, NJ, is named in his honor. The previous conferences focused on advancements in sterilization, new validation methods, and world health issues. The first conference took place in East Windsor, New Jersey and the last took place in Osaka, Japan. The 2016 revival of the Kilmer Conference will be in New Jersey.

Source: Johnson & Johnson

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