Jazz Pharmaceuticals Acquires Alizé Pharma II

A subsidiary of Jazz Pharmaceuticals, a pharmaceutical company based in Dublin, Ireland,has acquired Alizé Pharma II, part of Alizé Pharma, a Lyon, France-headquartered pharmaceutical company for EUR 18 million ($20.4 million), oncluding an upfront payment of EUR 8 million ($9.1 million) and potential payments of up to EUR 10 million ($11.3 million) related to regulatory milestones. The transaction did not involve the transfer of any employees from the Alizé Pharma Group to Jazz Pharmaceuticals. The deal closed in March 2016 and was announced in early May 2016.

Alizé Pharma II was created in 2008. Prior to the closing of this transaction, its shareholders were TAB Consulting, Octalfa, CEMA and Sham Innovation Santé. The company's lead assets are Asparec (pegcrisantaspase, a PEGylated recombinant L-asparaginase from Erwinia chrysanthemi, and related intellectual property. In February 2012, Alizé Pharma II announced that it had licensed these assets to EUSA Pharma, which was subsequently acquired by Jazz Pharmaceuticals.

Source: Alizé Pharma

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