Jazz Pharmaceuticals, ImmunoGen in ADC Pact

ImmunoGen, a Waltham, Massachuetts-based biotechnology company, has granted Jazz Pharmaceuticals, a Dublin, Ireland-based biopharmaceutical company, exclusive, worldwide rights to opt into developing two early-stage, hematology-related antibody-drug conjugate (ADC) programs as well as an additional program to be designated.

The programs covered include IMGN779, a CD33-targeted ADC for treating acute myeloid leukemia in Phase I testing, and IMGN632, a CD123-targeted ADC for hematological malignancies, expected to enter clinical testing before the end of the year.

Under the agreement, ImmunoGen will be responsible for the development of the three ADC programs prior to any potential opt-in by Jazz.  Following any opt-in, Jazz would be responsible for any further development as well as for potential regulatory submissions and commercialization.

As part of the agreement, Jazz will pay ImmunoGen an upfront payment of $75 million.  Additionally, Jazz will pay ImmunoGen up to $100 million in development funding over seven years to support the three ADC programs. 

Source: Jazz Pharmaceuticals

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