Johnson Matthey, Intrexon Partner for Peptide Development

Intrexon Corporation, a provider of biological-based development services, and Johnson Matthey, have formed an exclusive collaboration focused on the development of microbial strains for fermentative production of peptide-based active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs).

Through the collaboration, Intrexon will use its proprietary microbial hosts and fermentation processes for expression of peptides with high fidelity and titer. Intrexon will concentrate on the strain generation, initial fermentation, and downstream isolation as well as purification of the target APIs. Johnson Matthey will be responsible for product scale-up, formulation, and commercialization.

Under the agreement, Johnson Matthey will have access to Intrexon’s technologies and expertise for microbe-based fermentative production of specific target APIs, and Intrexon will receive a technology access fee and reimbursement for all research and development costs. The agreement also provides for milestone payments to Intrexon as well as royalties based on net sales of commercialized products.

Source: Intrexon

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