Johnson Matthey Launches Catalysis App

Johnson Matthey Catalysis and Chiral Technologies (JMCCT), a business unit of Johnson Matthey Fine Chemical Division, has launched its Catalytic Reaction Guide (CRG) as a free mobile application. The app has been introduced to provide customers mobile access to catalyst recommendations on over 150 chemical reactions in the area of homogeneous, heterogeneous and asymmetric catalysis. Users can yview and search a full product listing with streamlined technical support, participate in the quotation request process, and obtain contact information for a complete services offering.

In addition to catalyst recommendations, the app features a convenient Chemical Abstracts Service searchable product listing and relevant literature references. The interface is fully customizable through a user profile that synchronizes data with other devices for tracking of recommendations and details.

The migration to a digital platform was y driven by customer demand for the CRG in a more manageable format than traditional print, and was formally completed and put into beta testing in late 2014. Customers may download the app for free on any iPhone, iPad or Android device. A complementary online CRG will go live on the JMCCT website in spring 2015.

Source: Johnson Matthey

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