Juniper Pharma Expands Granulation Capabilities

Juniper Pharma Services, a contract development and manufacturing organization and the Nottingham, UK-based subsidiary of Juniper Pharmaceuticals, based in Boston, Massachusetts, has added a roller compactor to its enabling technologies platform in its GMP-compliant production facility to expand its granulation capabilities and support recent extensions made in spray drying, Xcelodose microfill technology, bi-layer tablets production, and high-speed encapsulation.

The new roller compactor will process 10 grams per trial up to 100 kilograms per hour for early-phase formulation development, clinical trial production, and small-scale commercial manufacture. The new compactor improves dry granulation, which improves material handling and processing characteristics of poor-flowing materials, such as amorphous solid dispersions and low-dose compounds, including potent materials, according to the company.

Source: Juniper Pharma Services

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