Juniper Pharma, OxSonics Partner in Injectable Drug Delivery

Juniper Pharma Services, a subsidiary of Juniper Pharmaceuticals, Inc., based in Nottingham, UK, has entered into a long-term collaboration with OxSonics Limited to support the development, scale-up, and GMP manufacturing of OxSonics' proprietary “sono-sensitive particles, injectable particles, which when used in conjunction with ultrasound devices, can be applied to a range of therapeutic applications, including an oncological drug delivery platform called SonoTran. SonoTran is designed to enhance the delivery of anti-cancer drugs deep into and throughout solid tumors.

Formerly known as Molecular Profiles, Juniper Pharma Services unveiled its new identity earlier this year to coincide with the rebranding of its Boston-based parent company, Juniper Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The company has GMP clinical manufacturing capabilities covering topical and oral dosage form products, including the supply of potent compounds and controlled drugs.

Source: Juniper Pharma Services

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