Kaneka Launches Continuous Mfg Capabilities in Singapore

Kaneka Corporation, a Tokyo-headquartered chemical manufacturing company, has installed continuous manufacturing equipment for small-molecule pharmaceutical products at Kaneka’s Singapore facility. Kaneka announced the installment in July 2018 and started commercial production using flow chemistry under GMP conditions in June 2018.

In making the announcement, the company noted an industry trend of lower volumes for the small- molecule pharmaceutical market and that continuous manufacturing, or flow chemistry, can address those changes. “Continuous manufacturing, or flow chemistry, is a manufacturing technology that achieves spontaneous reaction to charge raw materials step-by-step into reaction tubing and presents an easy, safe and convenient approach to manufacturing, including reactions that may require tough or dangerous conditions under typical batch reactions,” said the company in a July 23, 2018 release.

This new equipment is a Kaneka-designed reactor that is made to allow diversity of application through the ability to select the relevant parameters of the reaction tubing. Kaneka’s Singapore facility was qualified as a manufacturer from the US Food and Drug Administration in 2017, and the company says it expects to apply continuous-manufacturing infrastructure to various products, including targets requiring GMP.

Kaneka has capabilities from process development to commercial production. The company says it aims to expand its business in the healthcare field with biological pharmaceutical activities.

Source: Kaneka

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