Laurus Labs Launches New US Affiliate

Laurus Labs Private Limited, India has launched a new US pharmaceutical and biotech services entity, Laurus Synthesis Inc. Stuart Needleman was named president of Laurus Synthesis, and Kevin Duffield has been appointed as vice president, operations.

The new company provides US-based clients with the capabilities of Laurus Labs in India, a provider of chemistry services that offers process commercialization, process optimization, scale-up, and manufacturing of key starting materials, intermediates, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), and drug products through its Laurus Synthesis business unit, which has been a part of Laurus Labs since the company's founding.

In March of this year, Laurus Synthesis Inc. will begin offering specialized laboratory services from a new drug-development facility in Woburn, Massachusetts. From this site, clients will be assisted in advancing their concepts on the best path to their next milestone. Laurus Synthesis chemists and project managers will provide process development, method development and impurity identification services, as well as route selection for APIs, intermediates, and starting materials. In addition, a technical transition to the products and services of Laurus Labs for scale-up and commercialization will be available as required.

Laurus Labs has a R&D and scale-up laboratory in Hyderabad, India and large-scale manufacturing facilities in Visakhapatnam, India.

Source: Laurus Labs

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