LI-COR To Provide Contract Manufacturing For Early-Phase Materials

LI-COR, a provider of systems for plant research, gas analysis, drug discovery, and protein research, is building on its expertise in reagent and dye production to expand its services to include synthesis and conjugation services for early-phase cGMP production.

LI-COR offers development and manufacturing of dyes and small molecules, including custom derivatives of fluorescent dyes and active pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing at its facility in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The company has more than 20 years of bioconjugation experience, which includes the use of near-infrared (NIR) technology as a detection method. In the early 1990s, LI-COR introduced near-infrared DNA sequencing technology that led to other preclinical applications, including protein and small animal imaging using NIR. This preclinical development led to two near-infrared dyes being translated into the clinical trials using targeted NIR as a method for both detection and treatment of various types of cancer.

Source: LI-COR

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