Lilly in Immune Intolerance Pact

Eli Lilly and Company has signed a collaboration in the field of antigen-specific tolerance induction with Topas Therapeutics, a Hamburg, Germany-based biotechnology company.

The initial focus will be on external antigens thought to induce inflammation and/or autoimmune disease. Topas will be responsible for conducting preclinical proof-of-principle studies in collaboration with Eli Lilly to generate drug candidates.

Under the agreement, Eli Lilly has an option for all candidates produced under the collaboration for in-licensing and further development. Topas will receive research anddevelopment funding and participate in the future success of any compounds in-licensed by Eli Lilly.

Topas’ technology platform induces antigen-specific immune tolerance by using the liver’s natural immunology capabilities.Peptide-loaded nanoparticles are selectively targeted toward liver sinusoidal endothelial cells (LSECs), according to Topas. LSECs are one of the body’s sites to induce tolerance against blood-borne antigens by generating peptide-specific regulatory T cells.

Source: Topas Therapeutics

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