Lilly Launches Diabetes App

Lilly Diabetes has released an Android version of its mobile application designed for caregivers and healthcare providers who support people with diabetes. Through an injection tutorial and emergency instructions, the App can help people practice the injection steps ahead of time, which may help them feel better prepared to assist. Other features of the App include a kit location log, so kits can be easily located during an emergency, and an expiration date log that sends a reminder when a kit is getting close to its expiration date, so a new kit can be obtained before this date.

Glucagon is a treatment for insulin coma or insulin reaction resulting from severe low blood sugar. The Lilly Glucagon Mobile App for Android mobile devices is available as a free download on Google Play. It has been available on the iTunes store as a free download for Apple mobile devices since September 2012.

Source: Eli Lilly and Company

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