Lonza Expands Cell-Culture Portfolio

Lonza has launched a new product under its cell-culture product portfolio called the Quasi Vivo System. Lonza says the Quasi Vivo device consists of an interconnected fluidics system to create more physiologically relevant cell-culture conditions and help researchers improve the predictive value of their studies.

The new product is a result of a worldwide marketing and distribution agreement with Kirkstall, a biotechnology company in Rotherham, UK.

The Quasi Vivo system consists of interconnected cell-culture chambers and a peristaltic pump to create a continuous flow of media over cells.

The Quasi Vivo system is available with three different culture chambers (QV500, QV600, and QV900) to support a range of applications, including submerged cell culture, co-culture, and modeling of air-liquid and liquid-liquid interfaces.

Source: Lonza

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