Lonza Expands Early-Phase Biopharmaceutical Drug Development

Lonza has launched four new biopharmaceutical services to help early-stage customers progress their clinical candidates.

These four services, which have been launched from Lonza’s development facilities in Slough and Cambridge, England, include protein-sequence variant analysis, site-specific conjugation vectors, cell-line construction (CLC) options, and a developability assessment for microbial-expressed proteins.

Lonza’s new protein sequence variant analysis offering uses mass-spectrometry methods, including electron-transfer dissociation and ultra-high-resolution orbitrap mass detection at cell-line selection that is made to de-risk clinical candidates.

Lonza’s site-specific conjugation vectors, designed for use with its CLC platform, GS Xceed System, are a way to produce conjugation-competent antibodies that have a defined number and location of bioconjugate attachment points. These vectors were modified to contain a single-point cysteine mutation in the constant region of an immunoglobulin heavy or light chain. The conjugation sites have been assessed for aggregation and immunogenicity impact. 

Lonza’s newest CLC option is Multiplex CLC, which is designed to allow for progression of multiple candidates at an early stage while the final selection process is ongoing. Multiplex CLC is an addition to Lonza’s existing CLC options, which include Full Scope or LightPath CLC.

In addition, Lonza’s developability assessment platform has been expanded to include capabilities for both mammalian and microbial-expressed proteins.

Source: Lonza


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