Lonza Launches 3D Cell Culture System

Lonza has reached an exclusive agreement with TAP Biosystems, part of the Stedim Biotech Group, to distribute the company's RAFT (Real Architecture For 3D Tissue) 3D Cell Culture System. The RAFT System uses a patented absorber technology to create cell layers in high-density collagen that mimic the in vivo environment to enable generation of biological data from cell-culture studies.

The RAFT Kit is available in a number of formats and is appropriate for analysis using a wide variety of imaging, biochemical and histological techniques. The system is designed to allow researchers to set up 3D cell cultures in under an hour. It includes a collagen type I solution and biocompatible absorbers, which remove the medium from cell-seeded collagen hydrogels and allow researchers to control cell concentration and matrix density. The system supports a variety of formats including 24-well, 96-well and insert-well.

Source: Lonza

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