Lubrizol Adds Commercial Drug Product Manufacturing Capacity

The Lubrizol Corporation’s LifeSciences, is adding commercial drug product manufacturing capacity at its Particle Sciences facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The 18,000 square foot capacity will include both sterile and non-sterile space with complete lyophilization and filling operations. Among other things, the facility will be tailored for nano-milling and other complex processes.

“As part of our plans for continued growth in this market, we have accelerated the commercial expansion plans at Particle Sciences. The work has already begun, and we plan to be operational in early 2017 with some of the capacity already spoken for by clients with whom we are currently developing products,” explains Mark Mitchnick, LifeSciences’ chief medical officer and Particle Sciences’ CEO.

Particle Sciences has developed special expertise in particulates and drug-eluting devices. Over the last several years, it has taken multiple products into the clinic on behalf of its clients and has a busy 2016 schedule of clinical trial material production in place, according to the company

Source: Lubrizol

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