Lubrizol, Particle Sciences Form Alliance

The Lubrizol Corporation announces an alliance between Lubrizol LifeSciences, a supplier of advanced materials for the healthcare industry, and Particle Sciences, an integrated provider of drug-development services.

Lubrizol's recent acquisition of the contract manufacturer Vesta, in combination with Lubrizol's alliance with Particle Sciences, means that the Lubrizol’s life-sciences business offerssolutions for sustained, controlled release and combination products from polymer supply and drug-product development through manufacturing services.

Particle Sciences, based in Bethlehem, Pennslyvania, is a contract drug development and manufacturing organizations with a suite of services, including analytic, bio-analytic, physical characterization, and manufacturing, all focused on the formulation and support of advanced drug-delivery solutions.

The recent acquisition of Vesta, a contract manufacturer to the medical device industry based in Franklin, Wisconsin, broadens Lubrizol’s life-science manufacturing capabilities, applications, and material portfolio with access to silicone polymers and a variety of thermoplastics used in medical devices, advanced wound care, and drug-eluting products, such as subcutaneous implants and intravaginal rings.

Source: Lubrizol

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