Lubrizol’s Particle Sciences Adds GMP Powder and Capsule Filling Capabilities

Particle Sciences, part of the Lubrizol Corporation’s LifeSciences business has added cGMP sterile powder filling and capsule filling.

Particle Sciences has acquired and qualified the necessary equipment for powder fills from 50 mg to 75 g, including those for highly potent compounds. The company has established capsule-filling capabilities for clinical supply of 3,000 capsules (sizes 0 – 4) per hour.

Earlier this year, Lubrizol announced that it is adding commercial drug product manufacturing capacity at its Particle Sciences facility in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. The 18,000- square foot capacity will include both sterile and non-sterile space with complete lyophilization and filling operations. Among other things, the facility will be tailored for nano-milling and other complex processes. This expansions is scheduled to operational in early 2017 with some of the capacity.

Source: Lubrizol Corporation

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