Lundbeck, IBM Watson in Neurological Pact

H. Lundbeck, a Valby, Denmark-based pharmaceutical company specializing in psychiatric and neurological disorders, has formed a collaboration with IBM’s Watson Health for developing medicines to treat psychiatric and neurological disorders, using IBM’s cognitive and knowledge-based analytics to speed discovery and development of treatments for disorders such as schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease.

This collaboration will help Lundbeck establish an approach and platform for real-world evidence and advanced analytics where Lundbeck can utilize Watson technology across clinical data made available through the Watson Health Cloud. In addition, this platform will allow Lundbeck to use the Watson technologies across additional Lundbeck data (clinical or other) as well as claims data that will be provided through this collaboration and made available in the Watson Health Cloud.

Finally, Lundbeck will leverage IBM Watson for knowledge-driven drug discovery and for supporting identification of potential drug targets and alternative drug indications.

Source: H. Lundbeck

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