Marken Launches Hybrid Clinical Trials Service

Marken, a wholly owned subsidiary of UPS and supply-chain company, has launched a new hybrid logistics service which uses the UPS global transportation network. The hybrid service enables Marken to use the UPS network, including its expansive airline, for a portion of the route. The hybrid offering reduces reliance on commercial aircraft for many routes, and when using the UPS airline.

Hybrid solutions involving mix of dedicated and common carrier fleets have been offered in the past, but this is the first time the specialty and integrator services are owned by the same parent company, according to Marken.

Marken has also developed a reverse logistics hybrid service for return of re-useable packaging and tracking devices. This service is now being offered to clinical trials clients who prefer Marken’s specialized outbound delivery for sensitive clinical drug products using traditional routing, but who can also use UPS for the return of reusable materials. This new service minimizes reverse logistics costs for non-critical items.

Source: Marken

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