Meggle Gains EXCiPact Certification

Meggle Group Wasserburg, an excipient manufacturer, has been granted an EXCiPACT certificate. EXCiPACT is a voluntary international scheme to provide independent third-party certification of manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors of pharmaceutical excipients

Auditors from the certifying body SGS (Société Générale de Surveillance, Hamburg, Germany) confirmed in August 2014 that the MEGGLE Business Group Excipients & Technology complies with the quality standards of Good Manufacturing & Good Distribution Practices (GMP & GDP) for its pharmaceutical excipients.

During the audit, manufacturing processes, quality systems, quality management, storage and distribution of pharmaceutical-grade lactose, and its associated auxiliary materials used in the production process, were inspected. The certification assures product quality and security within the supply chain.

The quality standards as defined in EXCiPACT are specifically for manufacturing and supply of pharmaceutical excipients. In order to assure compliance with the standards, the certificate holders are reviewed annually and re-audited every three years.

Source: Meggle

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