Merck KGaA Commissions Co-Generation Plant for Pharma Production

Merck KGaA commissioned a new co-generation plant at its headquarters in Darmstadt to support the long-term generation of power, heating, and cooling needed to manufacture its pharmaceutical and chemical products. The company is investing around EUR 27 million ($36 million) in the construction of two energy stations. The first station, which was the subject of the commissioning, will supply energy to pharmaceutical production and research operations at the site. A further station is under construction that among others will meet the cooling requirements of the chemical plants and laboratories.

Altogether, Merck KGaA is investing EUR 250 million ($335 million) in 2013 and 2014 to secure the future viability of the Darmstadt site within the scope of the “Fit for 2018” transformation and growth program. While Merck’s existing natural gas power plant already generates roughly 60% of the required electrical power itself, this proportion will increase to around 70% as of 2015. Under a new German renewable energy act by the European Commission, existing power plants that generate their own energy will continue to be exempt from certain levies until the end of 2016.

With around 9,000 employees, Darmstadt is Merck KGaA headquarters, but also serves as the headquarters for three of Merck’s four divisions and is the company’s largest production and research site. Among others, medicines such as the beta-blocker Concor, the thyroid drug Euthyrox, and the antidiabetic agent Glucophage are manufactured in Darmstadt.

Source: Merck KGaA 

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