Merck KGaA Expands Biotech Production Capacity in Spain

Merck KGaA, has completed an expansion of its biotech plant in Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain, resulting in a 50% increase in the facility’s production capacity. Tres Cantos is the main site for the production of the active substances for Merck’s Gonal-f (follitropin alfa), a drug for treating infertility, and Saizen (somatropin (rDNA origin) for injection), a drug for treating growth hormone disorders.

The company invested EUR 15 million ($16.5 million) over the 2014-2016 period for the expansion. The investment added 900 square meters of biotech production space and a two-floor office building, bringing the total constructed area of the Tres Cantos site to 8,000 square meters. The facility complies with international cGMP standards. It is certified by ISO 14001 environmental management and safety by OHSAS 18001. The site employs 170 professionals.

Merck has invested approximately EUR 250 million ($275 million) in 2016 in its healthcare manufacturing network worldwide, according to the company.

Source: Merck KGaA

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