Merck KGaA Partners in Digital Health for Diabetes

Merck KGaA has partnered with Blue Mesa Health, a New York-headquartered digital therapeutics company, to pilot Blue Mesa’s diabetes-prevention programs in territories outside of the US.

Blue Mesa Health has designed and commercialized two chronic disease-prevention programs based on the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s national diabetes-prevention program, Transform and Transformemos, a Spanish language program. Transform is a year-long lifestyle change program that integrates remote health coaching from dieticians, a peer support group, and the integration of smartphone app technology with connected bathroom scales and activity trackers.

Merck KGaA is the manufacturer of the orally administered antihyperglycemic drug Glucophage (metformin), which is a first-line recommended monotherapy in Type II diabetes treatment guidelines. In May 2017, Merck KGaA received label extension for administrating Glucophage for non-diabetic hyperglycemia (commonly known as prediabetes) in the UK and is currently seeking this indication in additional countries worldwide.

Source: Blue Mesa Health

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