Metrics Adds Spray-Drying Equipment

Metrics Inc., a contract development and manufacturing organization based in Greenville, North Carolina, has expanded added a BÃœCHI B-290 Mini Spray Dryer to expand its capabilities for options for enhancing drug bioavailability.

The dryer's core capability is rendering powder from a solution.In addition, in single-unit operation, the dryer is useful for modifying particle size, agglomerating nanoparticles, drying suspensions, and microencapsulation. The BÃœCHI B-290 Mini Spray Dryer spray dries liquid end products to powder form and has the ability to handle solvents safely by providing an inert atmosphere for processing

Metrics recently opened a $1.6-million, 4,524-square-foot facility specifically designed for the pre-clinical development of early formulation prototypes and related analytical methods.

Source: Metrics Inc.



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