Metrics Contract Services Appoints Associate Director of Pharmaceutical Development

Metrics Contract Services, the Greenville, North Carolina-based contract pharmaceutical development and manufacturing division of Mayne Pharma, has appointed Yogesh D. Sadhale, PhD, as associate director of pharmaceutical development.

Sadhale will manage all aspects of formulation development and manufacturing of a client’s clinical trial materials. This includes guiding a team of formulation scientists who develop oral solid-dose formulations for Phase I through Phase III clinical trials and then scale-up and support validation and commercialization for those products.

Sadhale will provide planning and budgeting for operations within the pharmaceutical development area as well as hire, train, and manage pharmaceutical development staff.

With 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Sadhale most recently managed pharmaceuticals and process technology at Patheon Manufacturing Services in Greenville. There, he was responsible for pharmaceutical development of oral solid dosage forms and ensured cGMP compliance for a team of scientists.

Source: Metrics Contract Services

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