Metrics Contract Services Invests In Storage Facility

Metrics Contract Services, a Greenville, North Carolina-based pharmaceutical development and manufacturing organization, is investing $3.5 million in a 15,000-square-foot stability storage expansion that will triple its current capacity. The investment is being driven by the growth of clients' registration batch stability programs.

Stability storage provides specific environmental conditions for drug substance and drug products meeting International Conference on Harmonization standards. Metrics' expanded stability storage facility is being constructed with automated emergency power generation to ensure integrity of stored samples.

The $3.5-million stability storage facility is part of planned expansions at the Greenville campus. Metrics' parent company, Mayne Pharma, is investing $80 million to expand facilities and equipment, including 10-plus new analytical labs and formulation development suites. Metrics will also introduce commercial-scale manufacturing capability, including multi-particulate layering, bead-coating fluid bed technology and increased capacity to manufacture highly potent products.

Metrics and Mayne Pharma have committed to hiring 110 new scientists, quality assurance specialists, and other technicians to support expanded operations, increasing their US workforce by more than one-third.

Source: Metrics Contract Services

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