Metrics Opens New Laboratory

Metrics Inc. is opening a new $1.6-million, 4,524-square foot laboratory at its facility in Greenville, North Carolina, to better support fast-track development of pharmaceutical products. The new laboratory is designed for preclinical development of early-formulation prototypes and related analytical methods. The ground floor of the new facility consists of five processing rooms and one analytical laboratory. The second floor consists of workstations, office space, and a conference room. This project increases to 16 the total number of processing rooms, which are in addition to the  analytical laboratories and large-scale manufacturing and packaging operations that Metrics has available. The company also is adding at its facility in Greenville new equipment, a high-pressure-precise roller compactor (Gerteis Mini-Pactor) that provides greater flexibility in batch sizes and throughput. Housed within Metrics' main facility, the company's new Gerteis Mini-Pactor has capacity ranging from 10 grams for pilot projects to 100 kilograms per hour for small-scale production, making it especially useful in a formulation development laboratory setting,

 Source: Metrics Inc. 

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