MilliporeSigma, Baylor in Vaccine Mfg Pact

MilliporeSigma, part of Merck KGaA, has entered into a pact with the Baylor College of Medicine and its vaccine product development partner, Texas Children’s Hospital Center for Vaccine Development (Texas Children’s CVD), to advance vaccines for emerging infections.

MilliporeSigma’s experts in process development and formulation are working with Texas Children’s CVD scientists at Baylor to optimize the vaccine manufacturing process to increase vaccine stability and yield. Initially, these activities are targeting schistosomiasis, a parasitic disease that affects people in tropical and subtropical regions.

The collaboration includes training and exchange of technical know-how in process development and formulation to fill knowledge gaps that exist from research and development to manufacturing with a focus on emerging diseases.

Source: Merck KGaA

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