MilliporeSigma Introduces New Single-use Technologies for Biomfg

MilliporeSigma has introduced three new products to support flexible manufacturing of biologics.

The products include the following: Pellicon Capsule with Ultracel Membrane, a single-use tangential flow filtration device; Millipak Final Fill Filter, for high-value, small-volume processing; Mobius Power MIX 2,500-Liter and 3,000-Liter large-scale single-use mixers.

MilliporeSigma introduced its Pellicon Capsule with Ultracel Membrane as a single-use tangential flow filtration capsule for bioprocessing of antibody-drug conjugates and monoclonal antibodies. The capsule is designed to reduce risk of product cross-contamination as well as exposure to highly toxic compounds during processing and disassembly, according to information from the company. It is the newest addition to MilliporeSigma’s Pellicon ultrafiltration product family.

MilliporeSigma’s Millipak Final Fill Filter was designed with an angled aseptic multi-purpose port for sampling, venting, and integrity testing through the same port while protecting against microbial contamination and ensuring sterility of the drug product. The stacked disc design is intended to maximize product yield and the transparent housing shows fluid flow during the final filtration step.

MilliporeSigma’s new Mobius Power MIX 2,500-Liter and 3,000-Liter single-use mixers handle buffers, cell-culture media powders, and other pharmaceutical ingredients. Both large-scale systems incorporate NovAseptic technology, traditionally used in stainless-steel mixers. The new mixers extend MilliporeSigma’s product line, which now includes single-use mixing at scales ranging from 100 liters to 3,000 liters.

Source: MilliporeSigma

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