MilliporeSigma Launches Genotoxicity Screening

MilliporeSigma has launched a new genotoxicity screening service called CAN MultiFlow to predict genotoxic and mode-of-action properties of substances, ingredients, and drug compounds.

The new service is offered through MilliporeSigma’s BioReliance testing facilities based in Rockville, Maryland. The screening process uses flow cytometry to screen for clastogens, aneugens, and non-genotoxicants (CAN) in pharmaceutical compounds, agricultural chemicals, flavors, fragrances, and consumer products. The results from the assay can help manufacturers reject harmful substances during product development or reduce undesirable properties at an early stage, according to MilliporeSigma.

The new CAN MultiFlow assay is based on the MultiFlow kit from Litron Laboratories, a Rochester, New York-based supplier of flow cytometry kits. The addition of this new screening service boosts MilliporeSigma’s capabilities in genotoxicity assessment.

Source: Merck KGaA

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