MilliporeSigma Launches Parvovirus Removal System

MilliporeSigma has launched the Viresolve Pro Shield H system for removing parvoviruses from therapeutic protein feed streams. The Viresolve Pro Shield H system is designed as a prefilter with Viresolve Pro Devices for viral clearance. The system removes protein aggregates and impurities that foul virus filters in high-pH and high-conductivity monoclonal antibody (mAb) feed streams. Combined with Viresolve Pro Device parvovirus retentive filters, the Viresolve Pro Shield H is designed to increase processing capacity while preserving virus removal and high flux, according to the company.

Recombinant protein, mAb, fusion protein and antibody fragment feed streams can be challenging to process efficiently, both in terms of time and cost because these proteins tend to aggregate during production, according to the company. Aggregates can cause virus filters to foul more rapidly, reducing the amount of feed that can be processed and increasing the number of filters required to process the same volume. The Viresolve Pro Shield H with the Viresolve Pro Device is designed to provide biopharmaceutical manufacturers with retention assurance and productivity across a broad range of feed stream characteristics, according to the company.

Source: MilliporeSigma

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