Molecular Profiles, XenoGesis Form Strategic Alliance

Molecular Profiles Ltd., a pharmaceutical development services company based in Nottingham, UK and a subsidiary of Columbia Laboratories, Inc ., and XenoGesis Ltd., also based in Nottingham, have formed a collaboration to provide services for pre-clinical development and formulation development.

Molecular Profiles' pharmaceutical development services will be supported by XenoGesis' expertise in pre-clinical drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics (DMPK) to provide capabilities in formulation development and a better understanding of a compound's bioavailability.This strategic alliance will provide services for the initial design and selection of compounds for key DMPK and ADME (absorption, distribution, metabolism and elimination) studies, as well as supporting lead candidates, which have solubility issues during formulation development.

Molecular Profiles specializes in advanced characterization, pharmaceutical product development, clinical-trials manufacturing, and analytical support. XenoGesis was founded by its managing director, Richard Weaver Ph.D., after a 15-year career at AstraZeneca. The company specializes in studying research compounds from a chemical and biological perspective to inform clients on how they will behave in the body.

Source: Molecular Profiles


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