NeoStem, Invetech Form Cell-Therapy Manufacturing Pact

NeoStem, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company involved in the development and manufacturing of cell therapy products and regenerative medicine, and Invetech Pty Ltd , a company involved in product design and development, contract manufacturing, and custom automation services, have formed an agreement for the development of a new closed processing system for cell-therapy manufacturing. Under the agreement, Invetech will provide system design and engineering development, and NeoStem will develop applications for performing closed cell processing manipulations such as separation. The agreement envisions NeoStem as the commercial supplier of the system which would constitute its first branded entry into the cell therapy tools market.

The system will be applicable to a range of cell-therapy processes in development and commercialization stages and will consist of an instrumentation platform, disposable flow path, and operating and application software for automated execution of user-selected protocols. The system will provide a flexible small-scale process suitable for GMP manufacturing of autologous and other patient-specific products where small scale is full scale,while also supporting development of processes prior to transitioning to scaled volumes.

Source: NeoStem

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