NJIT, Rutgers Form NJ Continuous Manufacturing Institute

Rutgers University and the New Jersey Innovation Institute, a corporation of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, plan to form the New Jersey Continuous Manufacturing Institute (NJCMI) to advance manufacturing technologies in the pharmaceutical industry.

The NJCMI will serve as a center of excellence combining technologies, infrastructure, facilities, and technical experience to support the development and continuous manufacturing of products for the pharmaceutical industry. In addition, it will provide training, education, and workforce development solutions for those who want to expand or gain additional training and expertise in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

The NJCMI facility features process-development pilot plants for both solid-dosage forms and biologics, as well as cGMP suites for production. In addition, it provides individual unit operations labs for process optimization and control, modeling, and automation. It also offers designated classrooms and training labs for collaborative learning experiences and workforce development.

Source: New Jersey Innovation Institute


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