Novartis Invests $100 million To Develop Antimalarials

Novartis plans to invest more than $100 million to advance research and development (R&D) of treatments for malaria.

The company also plans to implement an equitable pricing strategy to maximize patient access in malaria-endemic countries when new treatments become available. Novartis plans to further help expand access to pediatric antimalarials and implement healthcare system strengthening programs in four sub-Saharan countries.

The R&D investment is meant to advance the Novartis malaria pipeline through 2023 and to complete a global clinical trial program for its antimalarial drug candidates, KAF156 and KAE609 (currently in Phase IIb and Phase IIa, respectively). Both are from new classes of medicines that were selected for their ability to treat malaria in different ways from current therapies. The investment also includes new uses of technology to identify areas where the malaria burden is greatest. This information could then be used to support capability- and capacity-building to establish future clinical trial sites, so the medicines can be evaluated in the populations where they are most needed.

In order to enable patients in malaria-endemic countries to afford these new treatments once they become available, the company said it will implement an equitable pricing strategy based on socio-economic conditions of different population segments. Novartis plans to do so in consultation with its development and funding partners and other stakeholders.

Source: Novartis

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