Novasep Equips UK-Based CPI

Novasep, a supplier of services and technologies for the life sciences industry, and the Center for Process Innovation (CPI), a UK-based technology innovation center, have equipped the UK National Biologics Manufacturing Center with BioSC Lab, a technology for protein purification.

CPI's mandate is to get UK companies up and running in technological areas that offer the largest potential impact on the future of UK and global manufacturing. It provides services to small and medium enterprises that decrease time to market for novel products or processes. Within this framework, the CPI is seeking to support continuous processes in the UK biopharmaceutical sector, such as Novasep's BioSC Lab. These enable developers to reduce equipment footprint and increase process yields.

Novasep's BiosSC Lab, is continuous biochromatography equipment, which can purify a few grams of proteins per day, according to the company. This enables users to develop cost effective, high yield production processes while maintaining the same quality attributes of the protein. BioSC Lab is flexible and supports any process operating mode, including batch parallel batch and continuous. It is specifically designed to quickly provide the operator with the best operational parameters for purifying and converting a batch biochromatography recipe into a continuous, optimized one. Its simulation software, BioSC Predict, allowsthe process developer to set the most efficient mode and parameters to purify biomolecules such as monoclonal antibodies, blood factors, and other proteins.

Source: Novasep

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