Novasep Expands in the US

Novasep is building a new synthesis laboratory and a kilo lab for its US facility. This extension will allow Novasep to offer both chemistry and purification services. It will enable Novasep to produce the initial kilogram scale batches of synthetic molecules that are needed for biological testing and preclinical trials.

Novasep said that the investment is in response to increasing demand from US customers for closer proximity to Novasep's contract manufacturing services for early-stage development and production scale-up. The new laboratory will start operations in May 2016.

The new laboratory will be located at Novasep's facility in Boothwyn, Pennsylvania, near Philadelphia airport. This site has provided Novasep purification development services to North American customers for more than 15 years, including screening and process development derived from Novasep's proprietary preparative chromatography technology.

Novasep will equip the US facility with reactors up to 50 liters in size. The new laboratory will feature cryogenic capacities as well as standard chemistry. In terms of purification, it will also provide preparative chromatography processes, such as high-performance liquid chromatography, supercritical fluid chromatography, and evaporation. In addition, it will be equipped with all required analytical tools for process research and development), including process safety testing capabilities.

In 2015, the company invested EUR 10 million ($11 million) in a fully integrated antibody drug conjugate (ADC) facility at its site in Le Mans, France, thereby expanding its bioconjugation services.

Source: Novasep

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