Novo Nordisk, Genmab in Bispecific Antibody Pact

Genmab A/S, a Danish biotechnology company, has formed an agreement to grant Novo Nordisk commercial licenses to use the DuoBody technology platform to create and develop bispecific antibody candidates for two therapeutic programs. The bispecific antibodies will target a disease area outside of cancer therapeutics. 4

Under ththe agreement, Genmab will receive an upfront payment of $2 million from Novo Nordisk. After an initial period of exclusivity for the two target combinations, Novo Nordisk has an option to maintain exclusivity or take the licenses forward on a non-exclusive basis. Genmab is entitled to potential development, regulatory, and sales milestones of up to approximately $250 million for each exclusive license, or approximately $200 million for each non-exclusive license. In addition, Genmab will be entitled to single-digit royalties on sales of any commercialized products.

The DuoBody platform is Genmab’s proprietary technology platform for the discovery and development of bispecific antibodies. Bispecific antibodies bind to two different epitopes either on the same, or on different targets (also known as dual-targeting). Dual-targeting may improve binding specificity and efficacy in inactivating disease targets. DuoBody molecules can be administered and dosed the way other antibody therapeutics and can be mad at standard bench as well as at commercial manufacturing scale.

Source: Genmab

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