Novo Nordisk To Acquire Prothena’s ATTR Drug Program in $1.2-Bn Deal

Novo Nordisk has agreed to acquire from Prothena, a Dublin, Ireland-based bio/pharmaceutical company, PRX004, an anti-amyloid immunotherapy, and Prothena’s broader ATTR amyloidosis program, in a $1.2-billion deal ($100 million upfront and undisclosed development and sales milestones).

ATTR amyloidosis is a rare, progressive disease characterized by the abnormal buildup of amyloid deposits composed of misfolded transthyretin protein in the body’s organs and tissue, most commonly in the heart and/or nervous system.

PRX004 is a Phase II-ready anti-amyloid immunotherapy designed to deplete the amyloid deposits that are associated with the disease pathology of ATTR amyloidosis. Prothena has completed a Phase I study of PRX004 in patients with hereditary forms of ATTR.

Under the purchase agreement, Novo Nordisk acquires Prothena’s wholly owned subsidiary and gains full worldwide rights to the intellectual property and related rights of Prothena’s ATTR amyloidosis business and pipeline. Prothena is eligible to receive development and sales milestone payments totaling up to $1.2 billion, including $100 million dollars in upfront and near-term clinical milestone payments.

Novo Nordisk will initially focus on the clinical development of PRX004 in ATTR cardiomyopathy, an underdiagnosed and potentially fatal form of ATTR amyloidosis characterized by build-up of amyloid deposits in cardiac tissue.

Source: Novo Nordisk and Prothena

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