Olon, Metrics Contract Services Expand; Solvias Acquires Chemic Labs

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Chemicals/Chemical API Manufacturing

Olon Completes HPAPI Production Line
Olon, a CDMO of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), reports the completion of a new highly potent API (HPAPI) large-scale production line at its facility in Rodano, Italy (Milan). The line strengthens the synthesis, finishing and drying section to manage acid-based reactions and can produce batches up to 250 kg, with a containment band of OEB5, for either highly active or highly toxic products (occupational exposure limit of 0.1-1 micrograms/m3).

Source: Olon

Solvias Acquires Chemic Laboratories
Solvias, a Basel, Switzerland-based contract analytical testing, research, development and manufacturing company, has acquired  Chemic Laboratories, a Canton, Massachusetts-based contract chemistry organization. The acquisition establishes a US presence for Solvias and expands its testing services.

Source: Solvias

Biologics Manufacturing

Genezen Breaks Ground on New Viral Vector Mfg Facility
Genezen Laboratories, an Indianapolis, Indiana-based cell- and gene-therapy CDMO of early-phase process development, viral vector production, and analytical testing services, has broken ground on a new multiphase master plan for a 75,000-plus-square foot cGMP-compliant lentiviral vector production facility.

The first phase will see the construction of a 25,000-square-feet site that will include a process development lab expansion, scheduled for completion in the autumn 2021. The lab will facilitate Genezen’s delivery of closed and continuous processes for viral vector production. The remaining build-out phases of the facility will be completed in early 2022.

Source: Genezen Laboratories

Entegris To Expand Life-Sciences Mfg Facilities
Entegris, a Billerica, Massachusetts-based supplier of materials and process services, has expanded its life-sciences manufacturing facilities in Billerica, Massachusetts, Bloomington, Minnesota, and Logan, Utah.

The expansions are part of Entegris’ capital expenditures plan to invest approximately $30 million in life-sciences capacity and capabilities this year (2021) in addition to $10 million invested in 2020. The facilities will develop and manufacture bioprocessing assemblies, such as the company’s fluid-handling product line used to produce and deliver vaccines globally. The company anticipates hiring nearly 200 additional employees with engineering and production experience throughout 2021.

Entegris also has started development of its Life Sciences Technology Center located at its headquarters in Billerica. The facility will be dedicated to providing application testing, process development, and demonstration services for bioprocessing technologies, including freeze, thaw, and filtration applications.

Source: Entegris

Formulation Development/Drug-Product Manufacturing

Metrics Invests in Oral, Solid Dosage Processing Equipment
Metrics Contract Services, a CDMO of oral, solid-dosage forms, has invested in additional equipment to expand its capacity in oral, solid dosage processing.

The company has invested in a Korsch XM-12 Bilayer Tablet Press and a Top Spray Fluidization system for the Glatt GPCG-120 PRO to provide capacity and efficiency improvements for potent oral solid-dose product processing. The Korsch XM-12 Bilayer Tablet Press is a small-scale press with hard-wall isolation/containment for potent product processing and is designed for both single-layer and bi-layer tablet production. The Glatt 120 Top Spray Fluidization system enables top spray coating, the surface coating that ensures improved product handling or storage stability to protect against moisture, oxygen or light.

The company also has added a new vacuum-transfer system that can transfer the active pharmaceutical ingredient and excipient directly to a fluid-bed dryer.

Source: Metrics Contract Services

Coriolis Pharma Expands ATMP Development Facility
Coriolis Pharma, a Martinsried-Munich, Germany-based contract provider of formulation research and development and analytical testing, is expanding its advanced therapy medicinal product (ATMP) development facilities under Biosafety level S2.

Re-construction of an existing building near the Coriolis headquarters started in March 2021, and the laboratories are planned to be operational in the fourth quarter 2021. The new facilities will increase Coriolis’ total floor space to 7,800 m2. The new labs will host the formulation development of ATMPs, cell-culture activities, particle characterization and identification, analytical ultracentrifugation, and a lyophilization development center for ATMPs.

Source: Coriolis Pharma

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