Optima Acquires Former DuPont Facility

Optima Chemical has acquired manufacturing assets in Belle, West Virginia from The Chemours Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont and recent spinoff from DuPont’s performance chemical business. Optima Chemical is a sister company of Charkit Chemical Corporation and Arran Chemical. Optima is contract service /custom synthesis manufacturer with expertise in organometallic reactions including Grignard chemistry, alkali metal reactions, and other water/oxygen sensitive chemistries.

The newly acquired facility has two distinct chemical units: one with registration under the federal Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act , allowing Optima to manufacture and offer agriculture intermediates and another that is not currently in use, which can provide capabilities similar to those available from Optima's plant in Douglas, Georgia. The Belle facility features Hastelloy manufacturing equipment, bulk capabilities and rail and barge service.

Gene Williams, president of Optima, has named Doug Cochran, Optima's vice president of business development, as designated leader of the start-up integration with responsibility for this new Optima plant. Mr. Williams said there is a possibility that key personnel may be moving from the Douglas facility to support the operation in Belle, West Virginia.

Source: Optima Chemical

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